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The Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) sent an official letter to the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology in which it expressed its position on the need to regulate remote work in the Polish legal system. In its position, the association draws attention to unclear regulations that are currently in force.

Need to change regulations

Remote work has recently become one of the most popular ways of working, but the Polish legal system still does not contain precise regulations regarding its functioning. From the point of view of employers and employees, regulating it is important, because everything indicates that remote work will stay with us for longer. ABSL addresses this problem in its position, which believes that a new approach to legal and labor relations, with particular emphasis on social and technological changes in recent years, is a condition for the effective functioning of the entire sector after the end of the pandemic. The new regulations should be based on practices developed in recent months, and not on modifying the previously existing regulations, which in the current situation do not translate into the efficient functioning of the organization.

“As the practice shows, remote work takes different forms and is used by the parties to a different extent. Code regulations should be flexible enough not to close the way to applying remote work to entities of different size, both those whose organization and funds allow implementation of organizationally complex and expensive solutions, and those who will use remote work rather occasionally” – comments Piotr Dziwok, President of ABSL

According to ABSL, the current regulations do not provide enough regulations to clear up any ambiguities. They are too formalized, which makes them unclear and raises justified interpretation doubts. Also, important from the point of view of the entire economy, a large number of companies completely abandoned traditional forms of communication in favor of electronic solutions due to the pandemic. Therefore, it is necessary to adopt regulations adapted to the changing labor market, taking into account new forms of functioning. According to ABSL, their proper regulation will also translate into new investments and new jobs.

4 main areas of change

The Association of Business Service Leaders emphasizes four main directions of changes: making the conditions and prerequisites of remote work more flexible, systematizing the rules regarding the equipment of the workplace and reimbursement of costs related to remote work, de-formalizing the Project and removing regulations that are redundant, repetitive or duplicate issues already regulated in other acts of law, clarifying regulations in the area of occupational health and safety.

“We are aware that the regulations are created with all market participants in mind, but if we, as a sector, are to be competitive on the international market, attract new investments and create jobs, it will make the conditions and conditions of remote work more flexible, including the introduction of the concept of remote incidental work, as well as making the conditions of stopping remote work more flexible and systematizing the rules for workplace equipment and reimbursement of costs must be refined “– adds Wioletta Bobryk, Legal and Compliance Director ABSL

About ABSL

Association of Business Service Leaders – brings together 230 of the world’s largest companies currently employing nearly 350 000 people in Poland. Over 1 500 service centers, dispersed in more than 50 cities, create a thriving ecosystem supporting innovative solutions implemented by international corporations. The goal is to build attractive and sustainable ecosystems, which through this positive engagement will create new, valuable jobs and responsibly develop investments and business in local communities

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