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ABC Data, one of the major players on the Polish IT market, officially became a part of Roseville Investments, owned by the Swiss distribution and logistics company ALSO Holding. ABC Data will operate under the new name of Vicis New Investments and resign from its current activities, i.e. distribution of IT, telecommunication and electronic equipment.

Changes in ABC Data

As of 1 July 2019, ABC Data officially became a part of ALSO Holding. Formally, the new company owner is Roseville Investments – the parent company of the Roseville Group, which is a part of ALSO Holding.

The preliminary framework agreement concerning the acquisition of ABC Data and ABC Data Marketing from MCI Capital by ALSO Holding was concluded on 21 December 2018. The price was set at €34.783 million for ABC Data and €8.248 million for ABC Data Marketing. The transaction also includes acquisition of shares in ABC Data’s subsidiaries, including iSource, S4E and other entities operating in the Central and Eastern Europe.

At the same time, ABC Data received a new name – Vicis New Investments. Roseville took over the business activity of the former ABC, so the new company – Vicis New Investments cannot conduct the same activity or engage into competitive operations in relation to the sold enterprise, i.e. deal with distribution of IT equipment.

The ABC Data rebranding also involved a change-over in the company’s management board:  the previous president Ilona Weiss resigned after four years in the company together with two other board members – Andrzej Kuźniak and Michał Litwinowicz. Andrzej Lis became the new president of the company. Representatives of ALSO Holding claim that the acquisition of ABC Data is another important step in the process of implementing a strategy, which main objective is to improve the company’s position on the Central and Eastern European markets.

Consolidation of the IT distribution market by ALSO Holding

ALSO Holding entered the Polish market in 2015, taking over PC Factory in Szczecin. ABC Data is the second purchase of the company on the IT distribution market in Poland. ALSO Holding’s acquisition policy is an important element corresponding to the Swiss giant’s priority to increase its annual turnover to €10-14 billion (compared to €9.2 billion in 2018) and rank first or second among the distribution companies on the markets where it operates.

According to the official announcement, the experience of ABC Data and its subsidiaries will provide ALSO Holding’s customers with a high level of services and facilities, while using the existing instruments, such as InterLink e-commerce platforms, available credit lines, and competitive logistics.

ALSO Holding representatives stated that thanks to the acquisition of ABC Data, their business partners will gain access to a wide range of products and services, as well as a rich portfolio of suppliers and new, innovative technologies. Solutions, including virtualization, 3D printing, cloud computing or the Internet of Things will provide assistance in the development and improvement of the business.

ALSO Holding provides solutions to more than 550 suppliers of hardware, IT services, and software to more than 100,000 customers who can benefit from a wide range of customized IT, logistics, financial and traditional distribution services. The company provides all services in one place – from the creation of complex IT environments, through the supply and maintenance of hardware and software, to returns, regeneration and remarketing of IT hardware. The Group is present in 19 countries in Europe, employing about 4,000 employees. The majority shareholder of ALSO Holding AG is the Droege Group.

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