A year with a pandemic – what does recruitment look like in the IT job market?

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According to the findings of CBRE, recruitment in the IT sector is returning to the pre-pandemic boom. Currently, 75% of employers declare this state of affairs. At the same time, the percentage of companies that do not plan to recruit new employees is decreasing.

3 in 4 employers are recruiting without change

It has been over a year since the Covid-19 pandemic completely changed the global labor market. The drastic changes, mainly including shifting work patterns and uncertain economic conditions, have also affected a large number of hiring freezes – including in the IT sector. According to CBRE, at the very beginning of the pandemic, as many as one in three IT, business services and manufacturing employers froze new hires. However, this situation is beginning to change. The report “Labour market: a year with coronavirus” carried out by Gi Group, Grafton Recruitment and CBRE shows that currently only 16% of companies from the above mentioned sectors still do not conduct recruitment processes (a change of 18 pp y/y).

3 out of 4 IT, business services and manufacturing companies surveyed conduct their hiring process in the same manner as before the Covid-19 pandemic (these figures apply only to large cities in Poland). Compared to the beginning of the restrictions, this is a change of as much as 21%. At the same time, the percentage of companies that completely abandon the process of recruiting new employees is decreasing (from 23% to 16%). However, there has been no change in the number of companies planning to reduce their staff (5%).

At the beginning of the pandemic, companies focused on finding themselves in the new reality. Remote work was organized, contracts and fees were negotiated. Recruitments were relegated to the background, especially as they were not favored by high uncertainty that accompanied almost every organization. Today, after a year of operating in a pandemic reality, companies are starting to return to plans that were previously suspended and employ more. This is particularly evident in the IT and technology sectors. Last year, companies from the technology industry were responsible for almost 1/3 of all transactions on the office market in Poland, and in regional cities for over 40% of the leased space. In total, in 2020, they developed over 330 thousand. m2 office” says Jan Banasikowski, Associate Director Advisory & Transaction Services, CBRE.

Big cities more confident about new hires

The recruitment process in the IT sector looks best in the largest Polish cities. According to the report, almost every surveyed IT company is planning to hire new employees. This applies to cities such as Wrocław, Warsaw, Poznań and Katowice. In Kraków and Łódz, the percentage was slightly lower, but still at a very high level. respectively 95% and 92%.

However, the IT industry is not the only sector in Poland with a high percentage of enterprises declaring their willingness to hire new employees. A high percentage of enterprises are also characterized by sectors such as business (90%) and production (in Poznań, Warsaw and Katowice – more than 80%). This is additionally confirmed by data concerning the lease of office space in these cities. According to CBRE, the technology sector and business services were responsible for the majority of transactions in the office market in Poland in 2020.

The survey was conducted by Wyser, Gi Group & Grafton Recruitment, in association with CBRE in March 2021. 793 companies from various sectors participated.

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