A year of investment in data centers


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The year 2021 is expected to be a period of increased investments and rapid development of data center market. An important role will be played by Poland, which is becoming an increasingly attractive place for new facilities.

Doubling of resources by 2025

Data is playing an increasingly important role in the economy. Many of the world’s largest companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate, have vast amounts of data that form the basis of their business models. Therefore, it is difficult here to underestimate the function that data center facilities are beginning to play. I predict that the year 2021 will be a period of increased investments and rapid development for this industry.

This can also be seen in the nearest surroundings. The Polish data center market has recently been developing very dynamically. This is confirmed by the investments of the largest players in the market such as Google Cloud Platform (September 2019) and Microsoft (May 2020 ). There is also no shortage of examples of other operators: Vantage Data Centers (February 2020) Beyond.pl (August 2020), Netia (August 2020), T-mobile (October 2020 ) and Orange (October 2020 ). The year 2021 will also bring potential new investments, so according to our forecasts, after the slowdown of development in 2017-2019, it is expected that data center resources may even double by 2025. Poland at that time may become one of the leaders on the market of colocation data centers in Central and Eastern Europe.

More on this topic you can find in our new report: “Data Center Market in Poland 2021: Market Analysis and Development Forecasts for 2021-2026” 

This is also confirmed by CBRE’s forecasts. In its opinion, 2021 will be a record year in terms of new investments in the data center industry. Facilities with a total capacity of 400 MW are already being built or planned today. According to CBRE, Frankfurt will be the dominant region in terms of data processing infrastructure, followed by London and Paris.

Key challenges

According to Vertiv, data center operators face three major challenges in the near term:

  • Diversifying the data center market

The FLAP market (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam and Paris) will continue to dominate in terms of investments in existing and new data processing facilities. On the other hand, new regions will gain strength, with Central Eastern Europe and South Eastern Europe being particularly mentioned. In terms of location, cities such as Warsaw, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Stockholm will gain the most.

  • Environmental protection activities

On the one hand, stringent regulations on carbon emissions and noise levels inside the facility, on the other, the green energy trend. Both of these factors will inform the planning of new investments.

  • Promoting knowledge about the data center industry

Vertiv also stresses the importance of spreading awareness about the activities of the data center market. In particular, it stresses here the impact of the rapid development of digital infrastructure on the environment, and how such facilities have become an essential part of the infrastructure that serves billions of people every day.

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