A joint project of UKE and telecommunications operators

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The telecommunications industry and its regulator are joining forces to combat growing cyber threats. The starting point is to be the newly created CRKE unit, which will give operators greater awareness of the threats.

Cooperation on a broader scale

Urząd  Komunikacji Elektronicznej (The Office of Electronic Communications) has reached an agreement with the four largest mobile operators on the Polish market on the establishment of the Electronic Communications Reputation Center  (CRKE) – a cyber security knowledge sharing center. The cooperation is intended to counter threats to security and the integrity of networks and services in the telecommunications sector. We already know that CRKE will co-create and implement standards and recommendations for telecommunications, as well as regulations that contribute to improved security.

However, the key to achieving the goal is the cooperation of the most important operators on the Polish market. Sharing experience and relevant data will help formulate a joint strategy to prevent cyber threats. UKE hopes that other operators and telecommunications companies, for whom the aspect of cyber security is equally important, will also join the joint initiative.

The budget is about PLN 27 million

The initial budget of CRKE is about 27 million PLN. The main investments will include: software, infrastructure, ensuring the security and efficiency of solutions, conducting training, active operation of the platform, promotion, salaries and management costs. The project will be financed from European funds, under the Digital Poland Programme.

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