Orange has 1 million customers using nju mobile services


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The services of nju mobile – Orange’s mobile sub-brand – are currently used by 1 million customers. This is 7% of the entire Orange customer base. 70% of nju mobile SIM cards operate in the subscription model, while the rest are pre-paid.

One million customers in nju mobile thanks to attractive offer price and additional data packages

At a press conference held on 8 January 2020, Orange Polska reported that 1 million customers already use nju mobile services, including 70% of them in the subscription model. nju mobile is a sub-brand of mobile telephony, which the operator has been consistently developing since 2013. The idea of the brand is the lack of a long-term agreement and equal participation conditions for all customers. The effect of the millionth base of nju mobile Orange is due to the attractive price of the offer and the growing package of gigabytes of data to use. One of the elements of the brand strategy are additional data packages offered to customers for internship.

Relating the customer base of nju mobile to the total Orange SIM card base, it turns out that the sub-brand currently accounts for 7% of its volume. Importantly, Orange says it is not planning any price increases for services under the nju brand that were announced and implemented last year for services under the main brand.

Source: Orange, 2020

The role of the nju mobile brand in the Orange strategy

The nju mobile brand is Orange’s strategic tool to compete for a market where sub-brands of other mobile operators (Plush, Heyah, Next) or MVNO brands are present. nju mobile shows some similar features to the Orange Flex brand launched last year, but today it is addressed to slightly younger customers, singles, ready for full electronic services and card payments only.

nju mobile has been on the market for nearly seven years. The brand was introduced to the market as a simple and cheap offer for younger (16-35 years) price sensitive mobile users. So far, the demographic profile of the customer has changed slightly – currently the statistical nju mobile customer is 31-45 years old and usually lives in a big city. He choose nju mobile thanks to the recommendation of family and friends who have previously used the network services. He particularly appreciates the attractive price offer, the possibility to use two numbers for a small surcharge and the growing package of gigabytes for internships.

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