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According to the data of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, in 2020 the number of Poles with a trusted profile doubled. Over 4 million such profiles were activated in the last 12 months, which translated into a total of 8.8 million active accounts in 2020.

Average 11 thousand profiles per day

A trusted profile is a free method of confirming a citizen’s identity in public eGovernment systems, which we increasingly decide on. According to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, last year the number of Poles with a trusted profile almost doubled. From January to December 2020, 4 174 206 such accounts were activated, which constitutes 47% of all active means of electronic identification of this type (8 816 654). The highest number, as over 600 thousand profiles were established in April 2020.

A record year in terms of the number of profiles created has also translated into a record number of online applications for identity cards. In the last 12 months, 333,960 people took advantage of this type of opportunity. In 2019, over 160 thousand people submitted such an application. The loss or damage of an ID card was reported electronically 43 942 times, almost twice as many as in the previous year.

What do we most often use a trusted profile for?

A trusted profile can make it easier to handle public administration formalities because it allows you to submit documents without a direct visit to the office itself. According to the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, one of the most popular e-services of last year was the service “Send a general letter”. In 2020, almost 1.5 million people took advantage of this type of possibility, 900 thousand more than in the previous year. Poles also willingly report the purchase or sale of cars over using the profil (600 thousand such reports).

Other services most frequently used by Poles using trusted profiles are: obtaining a copy of the marital status certificate (197,967), notifying the birth of a child (146,989) and registration services (176,346).

2020 was definitely a digital year. The pandemic, of course, accelerated certain processes. However, the steady and successive increase in interest in e-services started earlier. We have worked hard for it and continue to do so. We constantly and effectively convince Poles that it is worth using our solutions, ”summed up Minister Marek Zagórski, secretary of state at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

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