60% of Poles use online subscription services


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An increasing number of Poles are using subscription services, with those providing access to entertainment being the most popular. Interest in cyclical services, both online and offline, increased during the Covid-19 pandemic, when consumers decided to change their habits, including ordering meals home or using the offer of streaming services. Poles were primarily guided in their choices by convenience as well as the ability to access unique products.

VOD the most popular service

As many as 60% of Poles surveyed subscribe to online services, and 40% of them use streaming services giving access to films and series. The Blue Media study “Poles’ finances under pandemic” shows that services offering music are also popular and are chosen by 15% of subscribers. 11% of respondents each indicate subscription to games and online press, but while the number of consumers in the first category is growing steadily, interest in press and e-books is declining. Also on the rise compared to 2020 are software and security services, i.e. anti-virus software, which were selected by 17% of subscribers.

usługi subskrypcyjne

Poles most often use subscription services due to convenience, and this was the decisive factor indicated by more than 50% of respondents. Also important is the simplicity of using the services, as well as the price, which is often lower than in the case of a single purchase. It is worth noting that more and more Poles pay for subscriptions using a credit card or BLIK, and the latter option is the most popular among the younger age group (people aged 16 to 34). However, traditional transfers are still the most popular form of payment, indicated by as many as 36% of respondents.

Internet is not everything

While consumer interest remains similar for non-Internet subscription services, both home meal ordering and boxed diets have seen growth. These categories were chosen by 9% and 5% of respondents respectively, and such consumer decisions were probably influenced by the Covid-19 pandemic. The services that face a marked decline are subscriptions to gym entrances, which have remained closed for a long time due to restrictions being introduced. The most popular of the non-Internet subscription services are still medical subscriptions, chosen by 12% of respondents.

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