5G masts target for attacks in Europe


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Poland joins the European countries where one of the 5G network masts burned down. After a series of fake news, in which a new 5G network is blamed for the current Covid-19 pandemic, there are attempts to destroy transmitters throughout Europe.

,,Play” transmitter set on fire in Łódź

On May 25th, one of the masts of a Polish telecommunications operator in Łódź was set on fire, which enables the use of 5G networks. The active infrastructure elements were destroyed. After the incident, the Play network issued a statement in which it condemned such behaviour, defining acts of criminal activity also aimed at the security of the state and citizens. In the statement, it stresses that in a pandemic, the telecommunications infrastructure ensures the continuity of the entire economy.

The Telecommunications Network has issued an appeal to the authorities in which, in addition to combating mere disinformation in public space, it calls on all parties responsible for the security and economic development of the country to make efforts to break the chain of aggression and illegal activities. The biggest institutions in the world are also involved in the fight against disinformation. Last week, the World Health Organisation (WHO) published on its website that “there is no link between 5G and COVID-19” and “there is no evidence that 5G is harmful to human health”. However, despite this information, there are further attempts to destroy 5G masts across Europe.

A series of attacks in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom

In Poland this was only the first case of a 5G mast arson, but in Europe there is no shortage of opponents of the fifth generation network. A week before the mast arson in Łódź, in the UK alone, there were four attempts to destroy 5G masts, and since the introduction of the technology, 20 such incidents have been recorded. The situation is similar in the Netherlands. Those committing the devastation are willing to brag about their achievements, publishing video materials on 5G network opponents’ websites and noting hundreds of fancies.

Disinformation in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the first countries to launch the 5G network. However, at the beginning of 2020, information circulated around the world that the authorities there decided not to build any more 5G facilities because of their harmfulness, and the information concerning this event flooded the environments that were against mobile networks. However, it turned out that this information was untrue and resulted from a misunderstanding of the local authorities.

The whole situation concerned the PEM magnetic radiation limit. In Switzerland there are strict rules on the limit of this indicator, clearly lower than in the EU and Poland. In addition, Swiss officials use the concept of average exposure of citizens to electromagnetic fields, which has a different definition than in EU countries. It was mainly about how to measure “concentrated beams” rather than concerns about the impact of the 5G network on citizens’ health.

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