5G and WiFi6 as an impulse for the development of companies


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5G and WiFi6 technologies can be crucial to a company and become a key driver of their technological development, according to Cisco’s “Accelerating Digital Agility Research” report. Importantly, nearly 9 out of 10 companies in Poland also believe that it is now essential for their organization to maintain security, control and management of user devices, networks, clouds and applications.

Change of strategy

The digital transformation in many companies around the world took unexpected pace in the previous year and in early 2021. The Covid-19 pandemic has forced IT leaders to adjust priorities to the current situation or seek entirely new strategies. According to a recent Cisco report, 68% of Polish IT leaders surveyed want to be able to better leverage the business information provided by their IT infrastructure. This would primarily involve increasing the level of automation and unlocking the potential of employees to perform more complex tasks.

However, a key near-term activity for 87% of CIOs and IT decision makers surveyed will be maintaining security, control and management of user devices, networks, clouds and applications. The difficulty of this task will lie in providing remote employee access to relevant data, as nearly 83% believe it is equally important to ensure that employees operating in different locations have seamless access to applications and a high-quality collaboration experience.

New technologies as a chance for company development

As a result of changing corporate priorities, IT managers are looking for new technology solutions to achieve their goals. Cisco’s research shows that 5G and WiFi6 will be one of them, as 65% of respondents believe these solutions will be key to their company’s technological advancement, including accelerating cloud adoption and providing the best application experience.

IT managers also see an opportunity in SASE solutions, i.e. a combination of VPN and SD-WAN functions with native security functions in the cloud. 61% of respondents think so. For comparison, among all 34 surveyed countries in the world, this percentage was 70%, and in the EMEAR region it was 59%. When deciding to invest in SASE, the main factors indicated were the need to invest in cloud applications that required security (69% in Poland, 61% globally), the willingness to be up to date with industry best practices (62% in Poland, 56% globally) and the factor related to dispersion of employees (62% in Poland, 56% globally). Additionally, over half (53%) of companies in Poland that have not yet implemented SASE have such plans (36% globally).

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