16% of companies using the cloud use multi-cloud


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The study commissioned by Deloitte analyzes the benefits, concerns and expectations of Polish companies for cloud services. Recent research by PMR shows that the percentage of Polish companies using cloud computing varies between 10% and 60% depending on the size of the company (the leaders are the largest organisations).

Cloud implementations above expectations

The Deloitte report points out that the public cloud in organizations is becoming a market standard that not only affects data security, but also makes it more efficient and effective. It is also an important factor in building market advantage. Over 80% of the companies surveyed stated that the implementation of the cloud in their organizations exceeded their expectations.

The key issue for which companies decide to implement a cloud service is to increase scalability and availability of computing power. This is indicated by 54% of respondents. In previous surveys, the main reason was cost optimization, however, in this year’s survey it was in second place with the result of 51%. Real-time access to data is an important factor for companies that announce the expansion of the use of the public cloud (59% of indications).


One fifth of the companies’ resources in the cloud

Despite the growing trend of moving data to the cloud, 73% of organizations in Poland keep only one fifth of their data in the cloud, and only 2% have moved more than half of it. Among companies that do not use cloud services, the greatest fear of implementing this solution is concern for system and data security (43%). However, this factor is strongly decreasing after the first data migration to the cloud (10%). Companies also fear that transferring data to the cloud will be difficult (38%) and the architecture in the cloud will be too complex (37%).

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Companies in Poland mainly use one cloud service provider (84%). As the main reason for this solution, they indicate that close cooperation with one provider means better understanding of business (90%) and experience in the industry (80%). As a disadvantage of using the services of one provider, companies most often point out the dependence on a partner for the solutions they offer. 16% of companies use multi-cloud solutions in Poland. The greatest advantages of this solution are the security of service provision (70%), access to solutions offered by different providers (60%) and the possibility to negotiate better prices (50%). However, using multiple providers may generate additional costs related to data transfer between providers of a given organisation.

The survey was conducted in 200 Polish companies in the period of four months from December 2019 to March2020.

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